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 A professional amateur with a professional attitude

I have always loved photography ever since my parents gave me my first box brownie camera.

I was also lucky enough to be able to take photography as a subject at high school. One of my close friends from high school asked me if I would be her wedding photographer and there started my passion as a wedding photographer.

I am a people person and I love working with people and I love children hence my specialties have become weddings, pregnancy photo shoots and babies.

When it comes to photography I love a new challenge. It is important as a photographer to be able to adapt to the changing conditions and situations. I love being able to use my imagination and come up with those unique and wonderful shots.

I am open to the challenge that comes with weather changes at a wedding or children and babies and their unpredictability in situations and I thrive on all of this and enjoy finding the best in every circumstance and setting.